Created to help form a more perfect union

United States of America Crimes Against Humanity 1898-2013

So that we, the people of The United States of America, might begin to correct the anti-democratic errors of our national ways . . . 

1.  The destabilization, destruction and suppression of democracy through the overthrow of democratically elected governments, interference in democratic elections and alignment with anti-democratic military regimes, civil war factions and other social and political forces in the following countries:

Angola               Australia                       Belau               Bolivia           Brazil                                                              
Bulgaria             Cambodia                    Chad                Chile             Congo                                                    
Fiji                     Ghana                          Grenada          Greece          Guatemala                                          
Guyana             Indonesia                     Iran                  Iraq               Italy                                                                  
Jamaica            Korea                           Laos                Lebanon        Morocco                       
Nicaragua         Panama                       Peru                Philippines     Portugal                                                          
South Africa      Syria                            Uruguay           Vanuatu        Venezuela                                             
Vietnam            Zaire

2.  The late- and post-World War II recruitment of Nazi Germans and European Fascists for United States military intelligence operations and weapons development; commercial and federal aerospace research and development, and for illegal use of foreign aliens in domestic lobbying organizations.

Number of people killed as a result of above U.S. conduct: Above 5,000,000.

Number of people injured, maimed, orphaned and tortured as a result of above U.S. conduct: An as yet undetermined multitude.

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