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Democracy vs. the Republican Party of the United States of America, Part 2

The Republican Party has been engaged in social warfare against democratic philosophy in the United States since—well, since at least the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Depression Era New Deal programs.  Roosevelt’s public works program helped to “promote the general Welfare” at a time of economic collapse.  But Republicans then and Republicans now have done everything in their power to poison the American people’s national commitment to the wellbeing of all of their fellow countrymen and countrywomen.

The Grand Old Party’s animus towards social welfare has been most evident during those times when historic gains on behalf of promoting the “general Welfare” have been debated and approved (FDR’s New Deal, Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Great Society and Barack Obama’s health care reform).

Mitt Romney, the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in the 2012 national election, made clear during the course of his campaign his condemnation of approximately 47 percent of the American people who do not pay federal income tax.

Combine the Republican Party rejection of that number of Americans with the many other groups of Americans Republican Party officeholders and representatives condemn routinely in their public communications, and it becomes obvious that the Republican Party is a clear and present danger to a civil democratic society within the United States of America.

In a well-functioning democracy, such a political party would not exist.  Tragically, however, the American people do not live in such an environment.

Americans vote in national elections at a rate lower than any other “First World” democracy. Many Americans are highly cynical about the people they vote to represent them in government. But even in as dysfunctional a democracy as ours, there is no distinction that can be made between the American people and their official leadership.

To this day, fifty percent or more of Americans vote to support the Republican Party’s steady attack on both democratic government and spirit in the United States.  As the Republican Party is one of just two dominant political parties in the country, it is easy to understand how the country’s federal government is in a state of political gridlock, and why American society has reached a state as disunited as it has been since the Civil War of the 1860s.

The Republican Party must be held accountable by the citizens of this country, including the tens of millions of Americans who have voted for the Republican Party through the 2010 U.S. Congress elections, for the Party’s longstanding efforts to subvert American democracy.

Republican Party candidates for public office no longer deserve the vote of any American. To do so would be a further crime against democracy in the United States of America.

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